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An important part of maintaining and implementing any brand, is the ability to have one source of truth that can be shared with customers, clients, vendors and the like. KONG was looking for a solution for an asset library, but also as a solution to product specs and other information that would help the sales team do their job more efficiently. While searching for a new solution, we quickly learned that there are many options out in the world that could solve either digital assets or product information, however very few could solve both in a way that would be beneficial to everyone. While searching and talking with many options, it was determined that would be the best solution for KONG.

Organization is essential…

As creative director, I was instrumental in selecting the platform and organizing the content within the tool. Organization is essential in a tool such as this. If there is a problem with search, functionality or the intuitiveness, the tool will not be used by the people for which it was designed. Therefore, a lot of thought was put into the platform and where and how the content is organized.


Giving access to core items is paramount to any brand, large or small. It allows you to control and share the way that you want the brand to be seen and represented out in the world. In order to do this affectively, I made sure to cover a few key areas, that represented the bulk of requests that came across the desk of the art department, coming from both internal and external sources.


KONG Branding Options By creating a Branding & Logos section, we were able to share the various logos, in approved formats and color variations, including the main, tagline, dog, cat, program and event versions to those that request them, in a self-serve manner. This became invaluable time saving measure for the design team.

This self-service area includes the branding in AI, EPS and PNG formats. (JPG and WebP can be accessed as part of the export feature).


Every product offered is included in this library includes the items needed for product set up for both brick and mortar and e-commerce retail.

Individual ProductProduct CopyImage stack which includes:

    • On Pack
    • Off Pack
    • Dimensional
    • Lifestyle
    • Product Logo
    • Assorted Image (If applicable)
    • Education (If applicable)
    • All images are 3000px x 3000px

Product Copy with Localization

    • Romance Copy
    • Essence Copy
    • Feature Bullets
    • Online Bullets

Product Details

    • Weights & Dims
    • Tariff Information
    • Pallet Information
    • Packaging Waste


Lifestyles Image SectionIn order to keep the approved image stack intact and not have any confusion over which images were approved for that use, I created a section specifically for lifestyle images. This is a place that a distributor, customer or sales person can go to find additional lifestyle image that are not included in the image stack. The images in his section are also high resolution and area all approved for use. They follow the rules of the brand and offer many more options, depending on the use.

This is just a brief view into what is included and how things are organized in this tool. It was a challenging project, but I believe in the end, the time was well spent.

Digital Asset Management / Product Information Management
Creative Direction
Andrew Pfeifer