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KONG Classroom

KONG Classroom is an online education platform, featuring videos from 18 and counting pet educators, trainers and industry experts. I had the pleasure of being involved and offering creative direction for about 60 of the educational videos. I worked with the experts, videographers, editors, marketing team, and many others, in order to make sure that the videos were consistent with the brand in look, tone, feel, language and messaging.

Creative Direction
Andrew Pfeifer
Video Production & Editing
Vindicator Media
Advertising Agency
Madison Taylor Marketing

Creative Direction of KONG Classroom

For my involvement in KONG Classroom I had the pleasure of working with a crew of people from Vidicator Media, Madison Taylor Marketing and a team of talented individuals from KONG Company. Over the course of 2 days we captured both the raw interview and b-roll footage for about 60 videos that featured 15 experts. By utilizing 2 film crews, production assistants, hired dog talent, make-up artists and many others, we were able to pull off the tight filming schedule with no overtime needed.

During the production, I was tasked with the creative direction of the videos, making sure that the experts used correct terminology and brand voice when speaking about KONG products. I also lead the b-roll filming from not what scenes should be shot to help reinforce the messaging from the experts, but also to make sure that the KONG products and brand were portrayed in a light that is consistent with the world wide brand.

In post-production, I was instrumental in reviewing all 60 videos, giving feedback, on all aspects of the end result. Whether it was transitions, terminology, iconography or other brand standards, I was able to make sure that the end result was something that KONG and myself, could be proud to  present to the world when the program was launched in 2022.


Included trainers, influencers, shelter leader and other industry leader.

2 Film Crews

Filmed over 2 days to capture interviews and b-roll for 60 videos

60 Stunning Videos

Including videos on training, behavior and tips and tricks for both dogs and cats.