Athletics Mascot Refresh
Morton Junior High School
Athletic Director
Chris Carter

Where it Began

What started off as a simple refresh and modernization to the athletics mascot of my junior high school alma mater, Morton Jr High School, quickly morphed into a project that took on a life of its own. The mascot is very one of a kind, and not one of the standards when you think mascots. Typically they are animals, historical populations, weather related or something that promotes athletic prowess or intensity, think vikings, bears, hurricanes, etc. The mascot for my hometown is the Morton Potters.

Orignial Morton PotterWhat is a potter you ask? Let me start by saying from 1877 til the mid 1960s, Morton had the largest kiln pottery industry west of New York City. So as a homage to that history, the Morton Potter was born. The original mascot represented the schools athletics well for a very long time. However, it did not strike fear into athletic opponent, nor was it something that people wanted to wear, unless it was to the sporting event. Although endearing, it had more of a cartoon quality to it.

Clay Potter Logo

So in 2016, the athletic director came to me with the idea of revamping the Potter into more of a traditional mascot. One that had an intensity, something that was more inline with team mascots that we all know and love. After some samples of what they were looking for, and having an intimate knowledge of my hometown, I was able to give the Morton Junior High School the mascot they were looking for.. and Clay Potter was born.

In the years since, Clay has truly taken on a life of his own. He has been turned into many types of merchandise, a statue in the school and even an actual mascot that can be worn and go to sporting events.

When it was time to build a new gymnasium for the aging school, I was contacted once again to help. I had the honor of designing the graphics for the basketball court and and surrounding areas. The gym was aptly named The Kiln, to honor the history of the town once again.

Not to be outdone, shortly after the Jr High had so much success, the big brother in town, Morton High School, came calling, as they wanted to adopt Clay as their updated mascot as well. So I was tasked to design their new gym floor as well. Seeing my work in 2 schools that I care so much about is such a special thing. I just absolutely had to include Clay in this site.

Clay Potter in Action