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This section is a brief snippet of some of the hard good items I have designed in recent years. The bulk of the packaging that I have been involved is as a creative director for KONG Company. My job was to maintain the branding of the products for the world wide market, which encompassed packaging in 2 languages for the USA/Canada, 9 & 10 languages for UK/EU, Japanese for Japan and in Mandarin for the Chinese market.

As I have been building this portfolio, I have found it challenging to put that into imagery. I can only point to the 4 World Branding Forum awards that KONG won while I was at the helm of the design department to show how that direction was effective.

KONG Tag-A-Long Ball on Package

KONG Tag-A-Long

The KONG Tag-A-Long Ball was a new ball concept that allowed for the ball to attached to the leash so it did not need to be carried. For this package, I really wanted to show off the main feature of the ball at a glance. So designed a structure for the packaging that not only held the ball in place without the need for any plastics, but also showed the function of the ball.

I was able to achieve this by utilizing a folding paperboard card, that has a section that slides into the ball where the leash would go. By including a graphic of a leash on that section, I was able to quickly show off the purpose the ball in an impactful and meaningful way.

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KONG Signature Holiday Gift Pack

Created for the holiday season at one of the major pet retailers in the USA, the KONG Signature Holiday Gift Pack consists of 3 toys, as Signature Ball, Signature Stick and a Comfort Bear.

This package is a consistent with the signature line of toys in that it utilizes a red arc with KONG shapes filling in the space where a field of red would normally be. This variation of packaging is due to the products in the Signature line being primarily red. So in order for the product to stand out, I had to come up with a solution that would be different by still fall in line to the brand standards. By placing the toys in a biased manor on the card, I was able to create some playfulness to entice the consumer to give their pup the gift of play.

KONG Signature Holiday Gift Pack
KONG Holiday Toy Gift Pack

KONG Holiday Gift Pack

Created for the holiday season at another one of the major pet retailers in the USA, the KONG Holiday Gift Pack consists of the flagship KONG toy, Stuff’n Peanut Butter to fill the KONG and a holiday themed plush toy.

The standout feature of this package is that the peanut butter pouch is angled in a way to show exactly what it is meant for, stuffing into the KONG toy. By putting the pouch at an angle and including the image of peanut butter going into the KONG, I was able to show the customer exactly how they work together and show the value proposition of buying the gift set. As an added bonus, the holiday themed plush toy was included to not only at to the value, but also to give their pup multiple ways to play, adding enrichment to their lives.

Olli+Lime Packaging


Olli+Lime came to me to design a clean, ultra-modern box for their premium baby linens. I wanted the product to be the star, so there is a window that allows the customer to not only see the product, but touch and feel it as well. I went with a sleek white box with only black and gray icons and text to match majority of their modern prints and designs in their products. These packages are for use in the United States and Canada, therefore they include both English and French on the boxes.

In addition to the layout and design, I was also asked to create icons for the uses of each product. I kept with the simple clean aspects of the brand and produced icons that simple and modern.

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