One of the main components of my job at KONG was to create and direct store signage and education. This is another section of my portfolio that will consist entirely of work from my time at KONG. During that time, I worked with major retailers in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, South American and Japan to produce, direct and ensure the messaging and education was on KONG brand.


A national pet store chain came to KONG in order to help transform the shopping experience in the pet toy aisle. I was tasked with finding a way to inject product education into the planogram space, without the need to remove product from the set. My solution is what I call the EDUCATION STATION.

The idea was that a metal fixture would be attached to the pegboard portion of the wall and be 24 inches wide. By doing both of these things it allowed for it be versatile in the various sized stores, but also be able to be placed as needed in the set. It was decided that it would be 4 inches tall and come out from the wall 8 inches at the smallest point. This allowed for the standard 8 inch product peg to fit behind the fixture.

For the education portion, I wanted basic education to be permanent on the fixture, and printed it on a laminated, high tack sticker. I also included a booklet, that was printed on pvc pages to prevent ripping, and held in place by a 2 ring binder. The binder portion allows for pages to be replace or the booklet added to as needed, by KONG or the the store employees. The pages include stuffing recipes and tips and tricks for using the KONG toy. In order to cut down on theft of pages, a QR coded is included on the first page and the last. Link to the booklet is below.

The initial prototype was made of cardboard and paper. Once a structure and design was determined, I worked with a fixture vendor to fine tune the fixture and get it ready for mass production. These fixtures are now in roughy 350 stores around the United States.

View Education Station Booklet
Creative Direction & Design
Andrew Pfeifer
Inline Education


This 4 ft header is to be placed above the core product of the brand block in the store planogram. The main features of this header (the dog with a KONG, showing play and the prominent KONG logo) have a 3 dimensional aspect to them, as they are lifted about 1 inch off the base of the header. By designing it in this way it creates additional depth and a sense of drama that can not be created on a standard flat header.


Play it Forward is a program that is based on giving back to animals in need. This end cap in the pet section of Scheels, a regional sporting good store, shows off the program in a simple, yet fun way.

The header contains the program title, information about what the program is and images of dogs that have benefited from the program. As your eye moves down the end cap, you encounter the side wings, showing stuffing education on the outsides and playful, bouncing KONGs on the inside. This enables the customer to view both education and playfulness, from either side as you walk down the drive aisle of the store. The red base deck finishes the view with the signature red of the logo and the program logo reversed out and repeated to reinforce the program once again.

TOP – Front and side angles of the full end cap in stores.

LEFT – Close up of the header.

RIGHT – View of the inside and outside sections of the wings on the end cap.


An interactive shelf talker can be a great way to educate a customer. People like to touch and play with things in a store. By utilizing the InfoShade product and the simple word, “PULL”, you are half way there to educating the customer. In this case, the education contained within, once it is pulled, information about the basics of the KONG toy is presented.

These interactive shelf talkers are meant for smaller stores where space is limited. By utilizing the pull down feature of the unit, it allows for a lot of information in a small space, that does not cover up any product or take up pegs in the the planogram. This one is in English and French, so that it can be used in both the USA and Canadian markets.