In 2020, the VP of sales at KONG came to me with a few problem to solve. He needed a new drive aisle point of purchase, corrugate display, that would stand up to in-store use for a minimum of 3 months, hold enough product to be profitable, follow the specifications for one of our largest customers and most importantly, represent the brand in a meaningful way.

At KONG, a meaningful way means that it educates the pet parent, not sell them in a contrived way, and follows the brand standards that have been developed for use around the globe. While working with the structural designer at our vendor, I was able to come up with a new drop display that fits onto a quarter of a pallet, is shoppable on 4 sides has a strong profit margin. I was able to increase the profit margin, compared to a previous version, by 470%.

Creative Direction & Design
Andrew Pfeifer
Manufacturer & Structural Design
Spique Creative
Assembled Dimensions
23.75 in W x 19.75 in D x 60 in H
Shipping Dimensions
24 in W x 20 in D x 48 in H


By changing out the header, it allows for the display to be versatile in a number ways, while still keeping the overall look and feel of the display, which keeps the branding consistent. Below are a few examples: Everyday Education, Holiday & Special Event.

Quarter Pallet Main Header
Quarter Pallet Holiday Header
Quarter Pallet Play It Forward Header

Half Pallet Display

With the success of the quarter pallet display, it was decided that a half pallet version would be beneficial. For continuity, I utilized the key components of the quarter pallet (product hang wall and internal base sections).

This did 2 things: 

  • Created continuity in the look and feel
  • Provided cost savings by having the ability to order high quantities of these parts, thus creating a major savings in cost

The differences were in a larger, yet still interchangeable header, a new skirt for the bottom and the ability to add sections to the base deck portion for bulk and larger items.

Half Pallet with Products
Half Pallet Display Mockup