Online retail is an important part of any company’s business. Equally important is how the brand looks on the various e-commerce sites around the world. This is a sampling of how the KONG brand looks on a few website in the pet industry. The reason for these three, is due to my varying level of involvement in each and how the same information can be used, yet be on brand and look entirely different.

CHEWY.COM is one of the leaders in the online pet retail category. At their request, KONG was heavily involved with building out the brand shop for the retailer.

I acted in my capacity as Creative Director for the brand shop. Chewy, of course, needed the shop to reflect their brand as much as the KONG brand. Keeping this in mind, they presented mockup and ideas, and I gave feedback and guidance on the KONG Brand.

What we came up with was a modern, clean version of what the KONG brand could be. Being able to show the dog playing with the toy in the hero image, and reversing out the logo, created the look they were going for, while showing the “Play” that the KONG brand represents. This look and feel, is utilized in the rubber images as well, staying monochromatic, yet staying on brand once again.


The German retailer ZooRoyal came to us looking to implement a brand page on their website, as there was not one previously. I was able to take learnings from other brand shops and utilize that knowledge to educate the customers in Germany.

I stated by mimicking the KONG Company website in the hero image. The reason behind that was to give continuity to the brand, even on site that were not KONG’s. Followed by product categories under the hero, but sticking with 5 or less, as only the first 5 tend to be clicked on with any regularity. From there, a top seller carousel, rubber types and on to education.

The education includes the brand basics: why dogs play, what rubber is the correct choice for your dog, sizing and how to stuff. Education is included, because an informed consumer is happier and more likely to become a lifetime customer.


The Petco brand shop is different than most, as the entire page is education based A+ content and less product driven than some of the others that I have been a part of. The design of this page was predicated on various page options offered by Petco on their website platform. I was able to pick all images and education in the modules, however for the layout, I acted in more of a creative director capacity and less of a designer capacity.

Once again, the KONG education basics were included: Why a dog needs to play, rubber strength, sizing & how to stuff.