Thrive Pet Healthcare
Template Design

I was tasked by Thrive Pet Healthcare to assist in their rebranding effort. Utilizing the updated branding and style guide, I was able to produce a series of 50+ templates, in 3 main categories, plus social media & icon design, for use by the internal design team. Each category, B2B, B2C & Specialists, has a related, yet unique, color scheme and style, that creates a cohesive, multi-faceted brand in the veterinary services field.


Surgery | Neurology | Dermatology | Opthalmology | Radiology | Behavioral Medicine

Thrive Specialist has a more simple color scheme than the other areas of practice. As you can see the graphic elements are the same as the other areas and utilized similarly. For the examples I included an email template, appointment card and a table tent.


These 2 divisions have the same look and feel. They utilize the brand graphic elements, but with the flagship colors of blue, green and white. The graphic elements create movement and make the brand stand out from their competitors, as you can see in the digital banners here, and in the items in the header above.


Thrive Plus Membership is a service that the clinics offer. This poster shows that the graphic elements remain, but the green is replaced by yellow. This creates a similar feeling, but reinforces the fact that is program and not a division of the company.