While promotional items are typically pens, note pads, memory sticks, etc… on occasion items come along that are out of the ordinary and are playful and fun. This is a sampling of some of the more, outside of the box thinking items, that I have had the pleasure to be a part of throughout my time at KONG.

KONG can of water


As KONG started to get into promotional events, it was determined that they needed give-a-ways for the attendees. As we thought about what would be fun and different, we came across custom cans of sparkling water. What better for a hot day out in the sun then ice cold water for the masses to be carrying around the event for everyone to see.

This can of sparkling water was designed for one particular event in mind, the 2022 GoPro Mountains Games. As you can see, there are nods to the event on the can, mountains, camping, hiking and a dog jumping into the water to represent the dock dog event. The can is signature KONG red and has a large white KONG logo reversed out with the tagline in silver. These cans were a big hit on the hot summer day of the event. The highlight was seeing cans all over the event as people were drinking the cold sparkling water.


In the theme of hot days, this cooling towel was developed in order to give people a branded way to cool down. What makes this special is all of the brand history that is contained in the imagery.

Besides the logo, there is a VW bus and the suspension part from the bus, which was the inspiration of the flagship product. In addition there are dogs chewing on KONGs that represent the 4 main rubber types (Classic, Extreme, Puppy & Senior). You can also find a few of the more recognizable toys: Goodie Bone, Wild Knot Bears, Tug Toy and the KONG Ball.

This cooling towel is not only fun and functional, but in its own subtle way, it educates the public with some of the history of the company.



Calendars can be a great way to have branding up and in the back of people’s minds for the entire year. Even though in this day and age, most people keep their calendars on their phones or computers, having a physical calendar can be a great way to count down to an event, or visually plan the month or year to see what is coming up.

KONG calendars combine imagery, with education and playfulness to keep the brand in the back of your mind for the entire year. Throughout my time at KONG, we produced calendars for give-a-ways to employees, customers and distributors as a holiday gift each year.


When KONG changed their Snacks packaging from a box to a bag and adjusted the recipe to include real fruit, I created this piece as part of the announcement.

Utilizing the new bag, I designed an insert that slides into the bag and shows the new snacks and apples (which are the real fruit in this recipe) through the window at the bottom. The reminder of the card gives tells the story of the new back and recipe. On the back of the card is the full offering for products.

This was a fun way to show off a new and improved product, without saying new and improved. It was always policy to not give a bad perception of previous products, even if the new version was much better.