Consumable Packaging | KONG Peanut Butter Bliss, KONG Supplment Chews & KONG Nibbies

KONG Peanut Butter Bliss

This limited edition dog treat that was released in 2023 for KONG Day, a promotional holiday, promoting the brand in the USA.

The goal for this package was to capture the fun and playfulness of the brand in an eye catching way. Incorporating the bouncing KONG shapes in the background added that playfulness, while also tying in graphic elements from instore executions that were present in the market place in relation to the KONG brand.

KONG Supplements


In order to diversify the consumables offered, KONG developed a line of supplements. Designed to be taken everyday, these supplements fall into four formulations:
Skin + Coat Chews, Mobility Chews, Calming Chews and Vitamin Chews.

I was tasked with coming up with the look and feel of this new line. It needed to feel part of the KONG family of products, but completely different and new at the same time.

Due to the more pharmaceutical nature of this line, I decided to keep the line monochromatic, minus KONG branding in red. This gives the bags a more medicinal look and feel. Each formulation received its own color on a field of white, accompanied by 3 icons to make the visual reinforcement of the name of the project. The goal for this line was to keep it clean, visually attractive and recognizable to the consumer for repeat business.


As KONG expanded its cat product footprint inside brick and mortar retail, the next step was to introduce a line of treats for cats. With KONG Nibbies, I wanted to capture the overall look of KONG, but bring something colorful, fun and modern into the branding.

In order to fulfill the goal, I utilized a bright field of color to represent the flavor recipe of the treat, while keeping all other elements the same to create a continuity to the line. A curious cat helps your eye move from the brand logo down to the cat shaped window to show of the product. I included a hand stuffing the treats into the Kitty KONG, which bring halo back to the flagship shape of the brand, while communicating education in a simple, yet impactful way.

Overall this new bag, created the look of cat consumables moving forward. Playful, clean and visually striking.