KONG Global Pet Expo Booth 2020

Tradeshow Booths & Graphics

CREATIVE DIRECTION IN THE TRADESHOW SPACE As creative director for KONG my number 1 goal was to make sure that the brand was represented in the best light possible. Part of this goal was tradeshow booths and graphics. This ranged from large, international shows, such as Global Pet Expo, where the booth footprint was 60ft… Read More
ZooRoyal brand shop on laptop screen

Online Brandshops

ONLINE RETAIL Online retail is an important part of any company's business. Equally important is how the brand looks on the various e-commerce sites around the world. This is a sampling of how the KONG brand looks on a few website in the pet industry. The reason for these three, is due to my varying… Read More
KONG Classroom camera view

KONG Classroom

KONG Classroom KONG Classroom is an online education platform, featuring videos from 18 and counting pet educators, trainers and industry experts. I had the pleasure of being involved and offering creative direction for about 60 of the educational videos. I worked with the experts, videographers, editors, marketing team, and many others, in order to make… Read More
KONG Pocket Guide

Print Design

While there is print design throughout this website, this page features various print design and branding projects that I been a part of, primarily in my roles at KONG Company, as it is the most recent and most notable work. The work below is no anywhere close to everything that I have either designed, or… Read More
KONG Quarter Pallet Close Up

Retail POP Displays

RETAIL POP DISPLAYS In 2020, the VP of sales at KONG came to me with a few problem to solve. He needed a new drive aisle point of purchase, corrugate display, that would stand up to in-store use for a minimum of 3 months, hold enough product to be profitable, follow the specifications for one… Read More
Education Station Highlighted

Store Signage & Education

One of the main components of my job at KONG was to create and direct store signage and education. This is another section of my portfolio that will consist entirely of work from my time at KONG. During that time, I worked with major retailers in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, South American and… Read More
Laptop with Amplifi DAM/PIM on screen

Amplifi.io DAM/PIM

AMPLIFI.IO DAM/PIM An important part of maintaining and implementing any brand, is the ability to have one source of truth that can be shared with customers, clients, vendors and the like. KONG was looking for a solution for an asset library, but also as a solution to product specs and other information that would help… Read More