Thrive Pet Healthcare Hiring Poster

Rebranding Initiative

Thrive Pet Healthcare Template Design I was tasked by Thrive Pet Healthcare to assist in their rebranding effort. Utilizing the updated branding and style guide, I was able to produce a series of 50+ templates, in 3 main categories, plus social media & icon design, for use by the internal design team. Each category, B2B,… Read More
KONG Pocket Guide

Print Design

While there is print design throughout this website, this page features various print design and branding projects that I been a part of, primarily in my roles at KONG Company, as it is the most recent and most notable work. The work below is no anywhere close to everything that I have either designed, or… Read More
Promotional Items

Promotional Items

While promotional items are typically pens, note pads, memory sticks, etc... on occasion items come along that are out of the ordinary and are playful and fun. This is a sampling of some of the more, outside of the box thinking items, that I have had the pleasure to be a part of throughout my… Read More